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"Hey Bruce... just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your interview with Bobby Collins. We always catch his show when he’s in The Paramount theater in Peekskill.. ten minutes from home. The man is hysterical and seems to be a really nice guy." Bonnie

Barry Diamond was the one comic I saw at the Comedy Store where I laughed so hard it hurt...and I'm very hard to make laugh that hard. Diamond was the best I'd ever seen.

Mitchell Bank      Sit-com Producer

Jamie Alcroft

One of the funniest!

Jamie Alcroft on Bobby Collins

One of the really nice guys.


Finally got a chance to watch the whole show. You did a magnificent job with

the line of questioning as well as the production, inserting photos, promoting

the book etc. Great job. Fun to work with you. Hope you get a good reaction

from your audience.

Take care,

Tom Dreesen

WE ENTERTAINERS are a strange and wonderful group of HUMAN BEINGS. We travel the world and wherever we go we just want to make people feel a little better about life and themselves. We sing, we play instruments, we tell jokes or make things disappear or throw things in the air and catch them. Whatever we do it’s for a positive reason. Man, we pay heavy dues for the life choice we made. We spend days, weeks, months away from the people we love the most and who love us. We know this and we understand what it takes to ply our trade, WE ENTERTAINERS use our voice to shed a little light in a pretty dark world. WE ENTERTAINERS are a family, we may not personally know each other BUT we know each other. We are a disconnected family of CIRCUS PEOPLE. When something happens to one of us in some way, it hurts all of us. When we lose one of us we lose a little bit of ourselves. The only payoff in life is to enjoy the MOMENTS. TONIGHT I AM THINKING OF ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS on the road, in clubs, in theaters, on the ocean, wherever you might be, you are in my thoughts.

Thanks for doing what you do. WE ENTERTAINERS.


That was alot of fun! It must have been the wine that got me thru it. Thanks for having me on. You did a great job! Please don’t call anymore!

Bobby Slayton


Thanks for the interview.  It seems all good to me.  

You've got a great show.  Great interview!

Rock on!

Larry Hankin


Bruce - your podcasts are amazing! Brings back so many memories of the shows and comedy specials I loved growing up in the 80’s. Such a special time, such great history. Thanks for doing this- not only is it very entertaining it’s a great service. These stories are priceless.

Michael R. Barton

Bruce - I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your interview with Stanley Livingstone from "My Three Sons".  I love the entire concept of your videos and especially love the inside stories of these times gone by.

You are an EXCELLENT interviewer who asks great questions and never interrupts while the subject is speaking.

Brad. Jupiter, Florida

Great podcast!

Hey Bruce, my dad shared the podcast you did with him and I really loved it. He had some stories in there I hadn't yet heard. Thanks for making that happen! 

Look forward to meeting you in the near,

Charlie Nadler

Bruce, I just watched the Podcast. I LOVED IT! What a wonderful job you did

with all those pictures. Thank you!

Marty Nadler

Writer-Producer of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley,

The Odd Couple, Chico and The Man

Bruce, it's 4:45AM and I just spent the last two hours watching 2 of your podcasts. Loved 'em. If you still want me, I’m in.

Kevin Kelton

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