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Monica Piper in "Not That Jewish!


Nominated by LA Drama Critics Circle for Best Solo Performance.

NOT THAT JEWISH is the hilarious yet deeply poignant comedy written and performed by
Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globe-nominated writer, actor and comedian Monica Piper. From a funny family in the Bronx, to a Wasp wedding, her first step on a comedy club stage, and an “almost” night with Mickey Mantle, Monica was content loving chopped liver, voting Democratic and saying things like, “I’ll be doing laundry ‘til Shovuous.”


That was Jewish enough… until she adopted a son. Unable to deny the need to “pass it down, she does all she can to raise a Jewish man. But, when on the eve of his 18th birthday, he asks a question that rocks her world, Monica must finally decide what being Jewish truly means.


With the same signature wit found in her writing on Roseanne, Mad About You, and Rugrats, Monica Piper creates a canvas of the worth of life. Reminiscent of Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays with a peppering of Neil Simon’s Lost In Yonkers.





NOT THAT JEWISH is 85 lightning-fast minutes of funny, moving and inspirational theater. Audiences leave laughedout, a little teary-eyed, and happy to be Jewish ... even those who aren't.

NEW YORK TIMES: “Funny…delicious…a gem.”

HUFFINGTON POST: “Very funny and very real. Kudos to Piper for turning laughter and tears into a memorable theater experience.”

STAGE RAW: “We are in the presence of a real comedy she-mensch. Piper’s humor is
deftly performed and impeccably timed.”

TOTAL THEATER: “The tears she wrings out of you make the laughter all the more sweet. What makes her performance more than just stand up is the way she also bravely confronts the dark side.”

SIRIUS XM RADIO: “Monica Piper – a great writer, comedienne and actress - has put together a work of art about life, family, and values. One of the most moving things I've ever seen. It made me laugh. It made me cry.”

JEWISH JOURNAL: “Magical, endearing and extraordinarily entertaining. To make the
best entertainment decision you could make in years, go see this show!”

BROADWAY WORLD: “Wonderful evening of entertainment… extremely funny.”

JEWISH WEEK: “Hilarious, moving, sensitive and nuanced.”

LIVELY ARTS: “Much like Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays, Piper tells her personal story in
such an honest way that it becomes not just compelling, but universal.”

RICHARD LEWIS: “Piper"s extraordinary writing, timing and performance could easily make a Klansman yearn for pot roast and convert to Judaism.”


ROSIE O"DONNELL: Monica Piper has made me laugh for years - go see her show and bring the whole mishpucha!"

ELAYNE BOOSLER:You don’t have to be Jewish to love this brilliant show. You just have to love laughing non-stop for an entire evening, except when you are a bit teary. You have to love a great story, a five-foot-tall hero, and the beauty of the human spirit.”

FRAN DRESCHER: “Funny, honest and touching.”

ARTS in LA: “Enormous crossover appeal. A fast-paced scrapbook, funny and heart-warming unqualified delight. I cannot imagine anyone’s not enjoying being in Piper’s company for 90 minutes. And if there are any such, I wouldn’t want to know them.”

LA EXAMINER: “By show’s end, we come to love and appreciate Monica Piper, and all she’s endured; when someone is able to dig deep into one’s own challenges, along the oft bumpy road of life, and creatively express the journey with humor, the result is phenomenal!”

A hit with audiences and critics alike, The New York Times raves “...the comedic high points are delicious,” The Huffington Post calls NOT THAT JEWISH “very funny and very real. Piper may not be that Jewish, but with this outpouring she's that good. You only stop laughing long enough to cry"


WOR Radio raves “you don't have to be that Jewish, to love Not That Jewish. I'm taking my mother! I encourage you all to see this show.” The Jewish
Standard raves "Not That Jewish" is Plenty Jewish. Funny and sweet. An entertaining lifetime of experiences,” while Jewish Week describes Piper’s performance as “hilarious, moving, sensitive and nuanced.”


Joan Hamburg of ABC Radio calls NOT THAT JEWISH
“a real treat! We laughed like we haven’t laughed in a long time. Everyone can relate! We had a wonderful time!

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