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If you know "Evening At The Improv," it was the show that changed everything for stand-up comedians in America. If you were a comedian who appeared on "Evening At The Improv," you would be in demand everywhere a comedy club opened up in North America. That show created the opportunity for me to become a "Personal Appearance Agent for stand-up comedians" during "The 80's Golden Age Of Comedy!" What an honor it was for me to have on the Producer of the show Rupert Macnee, the "Talent Coordinator" Mary Downey and one of the best-known stand-ups from that great time, Bruce Smirnoff! You will love this show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had prolific late night comedy writer (both Saturday Night Live and Friday's) and stand-up comedian Kevin Kelton on the show. This lengthy show will be worth every minute of your time as you will learn more about the Improv and Saturday Night Live as well as inside info on how Larry David made it to be one of the most successful show stars and producers in the biz. Thank you Kevin for doing the show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian Reverend Bob Levy. Learn how a Jewish guy from Brooklyn got the nickname Reverend on The Howard Stern Show. Young up-and-coming comics will learn a lot from watching this broadcast. Thank you Bob for doing the show! 80's Golden Age Of Comedy


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian and comedic actor Peter Fogel on the show. Peter is best known for his outstanding performances across the country in one-man plays. Watch for "Till Death Do Us Part...You First!" directed by Chazz Palminteri, a 3-time Emmy Award Winner and Academy Award Nominee, appearances around the country. Thank you Peter for doing the show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy had stand-up comedian Steve Mittleman on the show. Learn how Steve rocketed to stardom by beating incredible talents like a young Eddie Murphy, Carol Liefer and Rick Overton to win a New York Laugh Off! Enjoy this emotional and thought-provoking show with a great and funny man. Thanks Steve for doing the show!

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The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had Gabe Abelson, five-time Emmy nominee for late-night comedy writing on shows like "The David Letterman Show," "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," and many more. Gabe is also an accomplished stand-up comedian. One of the most respected teachers of comedy writing and stand-up, any student of comedy, especially late-night comedy writing should not miss it! Thanks Gabe for doing the show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy had stand-up comedian Jimmy Shubert, who has to be one of the funniest guys alive not to be a "household" name. This is a gritty, rated "R" interview about a guy who worked his way up the ranks by starting out Philly comedy clubs to working at the Hollywood Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. as a doorman. Thanks Jimmy for doing this memorable show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedienne and sitcom-writer Monica Piper on the show. Monica has had a very successful show business career and is currently planning a national tour of her "Not That Jewish" one woman show that she has already performed off-Broadway for 16 months.  This was a great video on many levels. Thanks Monica for doing the show!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian, producer and host Paul Provenza on the show. Paul is highly respected in the business for his creative contribution to comedy. Anyone will gain a great deal of insight into show business by watching this broadcast. Thanks Paul for doing the show!

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I still have not recovered from my show with the great "Unknown Comic" Murray Langston. He is one of the funniest men on the planet and you will see why when you watch this show. Do you remember seeing some of the 150 "Gong Shows" he appeared on? What a story he has. You will love this very entertaining broadcast! Don't miss it!


Here is a great contributor to the 80's Golden Age of Comedy. She is stand-up comedienne Sue Kolinsky who has had an incredible list of successes in the business including performing at USO Shows all around the world. In addition to being an accomplished stand-up, she has many years as a sit-com writer and producer. You will be impressed by all the successes she had had in her career!

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Here is the most recent interview of 80's Golden Age Of Comedy stand-up comedienne Cathy Ladman. Learn about her successful show business career and her "first love" relationship with Jerry Seinfeld. Thank you Cathy for sharing your thoughts and feelings about that relationship, for doing the show and for all you have accomplished in show business!

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The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian and actor Larry Hankin on the show. Even though Larry is not a household name, you have seen him on the most admired sit-coms and the popular show "Breaking Bad." You will enjoy watching this insightful interview. Thanks Larry!

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Dennis Blair is a stand-up comedian, singer-songwriter and screenplay writer who has worked with the biggest stars in the entertainment business such as George Carlin for 17 years and Rodney Dangerfield for three. Don't miss this very insightful interview. Look for his book "Touring For Legends."

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The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian JAMIE ALCROFT, half of the great comedy team of Mack and Jamie. These two Key West Guys made it to the very top of the comedy business hosting their own show and opening for many of the biggest stars on the Las Vegas scene. Thanks Jamie for doing the show!


A very interesting and funny show with stand-up comedian and sit-com writer Marc Sheffler. Marc is an unheralded talent and one of the original regulars at The Comedy Store (his picture is up on the comedy wall of fame). Watch for his character "El Yid" to hit the big time. Thank you Steve Joiner! 80's Golden Age Of Comedy.


80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted stand-up comedian Bobby Collins on the show. Bobby is a favorite of top headliners in Las Vegas and Atlantic City such as Julio Iglesias, Cher, Frank Sinatra and many others. He draws thousands at theaters across the country. Glad to have connected with him on the show!

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Stand-up comedian, actor, film director and producer Harry Basil was on the show. Learn how Rodney Dangerfield became a mentor of Harry's and how beneficial that was for him. Harry is one of the owners of the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas!

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Stand-up comedian Steve Bluestein is a very accomplished, smart and funny comedian that has worked with the biggest stars in the entertainment business. Since doing the show, Steve has landed his own show. You will love his invaluable insights into the business. Thanks Steve for doing the show!


Great show with the very talented comedian, actor, director, writer and South Florida resident Wil Shriner. I had no idea how much he has done in the business. Learn how he and his family, especially his twin brother Kin who has been on "General Hospital" for 45 years, have given so much to show business. Enjoy!

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I didn't know what to expect from an outstanding stand-up comedian and opening act for the biggest stars our world has seen such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin and more. Heard of the Rat Pack?
Tom Dreesen was right there with them. Don't miss this show if you want to learn what the comedy world was like with Frank Sinatra and Sammy!


Fantastic 80's Golden Age Of Comedy show with special guest Barry Diamond and co-host comedian Glenn Hirsch. You will love all you will learn about the comedy scene in the 70's and 80's and all the people Barry worked with and knew. Enjoy!

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If you have heard of "The Pitbull of Comedy" Bobby Slayton, or even you have not, you will love this "not G or PG" interview with this great comic! Bobby has been onstage more hours than almost any stand-up. It is not for the faint of heart! You have been warned...All others, enjoy!

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Very happy to bring you a show with Zoe Friedman, the daughter of the legendary Budd Friedman, the original owner of The Improv, first in NYC and then later out in Hollywood! So happy to learn of how successful and benevolent Zoe has become. Make sure you take note of the organization she started to help stand-ups going through tough times.


What an interesting interview and show with SF and LA stand-up comedian, sitcom writer and journalist Mark Miller. Learn how this shy guy got on some of the best comedy stages in the country. Enjoy the show!


What a great interview with former client and friend, the insightful Rick Overton. Ever wonder what working with comedic geniuses like Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman and Gilbert Gottfried were really like offstage? You won’t want to miss this show!

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Stand-up comedian Glenn Hirsch had one of the most successful careers, but in a different way. Through hard work and talent, Glenn was invited to work with the biggest headliners performers of our day in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Don't miss this real inside look at New York comedy in the 70's and 80's.

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If you want to enjoy real "inside" comedy entertainment for a change of pace, you will enjoy this interview with "The Warm Up Guy" Bob Perlow. Bob has been a part of thousands of your favorite sitcoms working with just about every big star on show business.

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If you want to know about what went on "Behind The 80's Hollywood Comedy Scene" and hear stories about Jay Leno, David Letterman, Robin Williams, Diana Ross and so many more, you will really like this interview with stand-up comedian client David Wood!


The 80's Golden Age of Comedy hosted by former Hollywood Personal Appearance Agent Bruce Starr, had stand-up comedian, sit-com writer, comedy club owner Steve Young on the show. You will especially love this show if you are a young, up and coming comedian as you will learn a lot from watching the broadcast. 

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Here is a great interview with the legendary ventriloquist Willy Tyler and his friend Lester! He has appeared in many television commercials, sitcoms and films. Willy got his first big break in 1972 on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. One of the great and memorable interviews! I loved every minute talking to the both of them.

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Check out this insightful interview with Lois Bromfield, one of the first gay stand-ups, quite an accomplishment in the 80's. You will enjoy this interview. 

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Here is an incredible interview with the "world famous" co-owner of THE IMPROV, Mark Lonow. Mark partnered with Budd Friedman to build the Improv empire!

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I met Steve Mittleman in the early 80's when he just came from doing well on the original "Star Search" competition. He won the memorable "New York Laugh Off beating out none other than a young Eddie Murphy! Steve is a very funny guy. You will enjoy the video. 

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One of the most interesting guys in the world of comedy, Joey Camen was well known around the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd for decades. He is a talented voice-over guy and is still active in the Hollywood Comedy scene.

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Wonderful show with stand-up comedian Howard Allen, best known for all the years he spent at The Improv in Hollywood, both on and off the stage. Lot's of Hollywood insights and stories told by Howard. Enjoy!